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Marianne Brierley
London | United Kingdom

Originally a Product Designer, I moved into Service Design through product research and UX. I love working with people, speaking to and observing others to identify problems that need to be solved.

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I run a baking blog and brew beer at home - I like to feed people!

Currently Lead Experience Consultant at a small company in Shoreditch, I'm involved in a range of projects across a variety of industries from gaming to finance. You can find me running contextual research in the field, evaluating designs in a lab or working within client teams to develop a strategy for how to improve their products and services for customers. My interests lie in ensuring the needs of people using the products and services are brought into discussions as early as possible. Keeping people in the conversations and keeping decisions and reasoning visible at all times is key to valuable and lasting change.

Marianne Brierley
Lead Experience Consultant

Marianne’s interest in Service Design

Service Design doesn't just focus on one aspect of a companies interaction with it's customers. It covers a range of circumstances, touchpoints and business groups. I'm interested in the challenge this creates and how to solve these challenges in a way that companies can actually implement and feel in control of.

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