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Marcel Stephan
King Abdullah Economic City | Saudi Arabia

SDGC18 Speaker

Marcel's talk at SDGC18: Customer Experience... but for an entire CITY !!

Marcel Stephan is the Head of Customer Experience at King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), the world's largest privately funded new city development. He is pioneering the world’s first known Place Experience (PX) program on a city-level. Marcel has 15+ years of experience in top-tier management consultancies and corporations across Middle East, Africa & Australia. He holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree from London School of Economics.

Marcel Stephan
Director, City Experience Management at King Abdullah Economic City

Marcel’s interest in Service Design

In the case of a city you are selling an open ended “life journey” rather than a well-defined experience built around a particular product. This covers a wide range of possibilities like the ability to come visit, live, study, work, or invest. Accordingly, there are there are a seemingly infinite number of city touchpoints and stakeholders that cannot be under direct control. For example, whilst more than 600,000 people shall visit King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) this year a significant challenge looms. A city is a connected web of experiences, so just one bad moment can affect the entire visitor’s enjoyment in the city.

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