About Maija Majamäki

Maija Majamäki
Tallinn | Estonia


Maija Majamäki Startupper but eagerly willing to enter service design field!
Hi all! I'm passionate to learn tools and methods of service design and my goal is to work in a service design field. Do you know a course to take? A place to apply for an entry-level job?

To me, service design means...

I feel great satisfaction when I feel that full-service process is smooth from the beginning to the end. When all parties are acting nicely together, it's like a group dancing in a rhythm. Unfortunately, that is not a common case. People tend to focus more on the product itself than the process around it. Let it be visiting a doctor, going through security at the airport, or shopping for groceries, small things make a difference, and I believe that in the end, those who understand the overall value of the experience are the winners. Additionally, why I'm interested in service design is the fact that you need to think also about the business and provider side of the service.

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