About Mahrukh 'Maya' Hasan

Mahrukh 'Maya' Hasan
Pleasanton | United States

Hi, I'm the Principal and founder of Azura Labs, a social impact design firm consulting to organizations working in international development and humanitarian aid.

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I am a social scientist by training, a proud third-culture individual, polyglot, and global nomad. I am comfortable navigating ambiguity from San Francisco to Dakar, and Juba to Karachi. I'm big into design thinking and how it can transform the development and aid industries toward solving real world challenges in direct partnership with communities being served.

Mahrukh 'Maya' Hasan
Service Designer | Researcher | Principal, Azura Labs | Social Impact Design | Impact Measurement

Mahrukh 'Maya'’s interest in Service Design

I love service design because it combines putting forth empathy as a cornerstone for both the private and social sector, as well as providing the tools and processes needed to stimulate innovation.

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