About Luiz Soyer

Helsinki | Finland

I was born in the pixel era. 8 years experienced in digital Design & Strategy related projects. From Brasil, now, Helsinki-Finland

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As a designer, I like to work on creating and implementing digital strategies for different industries. My work ranges from the early stages of thinking to the production and iteration of digital services. I also love to experiment with internal design processes and its relationship with the corporate environment. Focused on: Design Thinking • Strategy • Concept development • Service Design • "Phygital" Design Doing • Visual Design • Ux • Research I got some smiles from: Globo, Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Embratur, Electrolux, Natura, UOL among others.

Luiz’s interest in Service Design

Learn new skills, toolsets, ways of thinking and bring discussions to the table.

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