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Luis Arnal
Mexico City | Mexico

Designer + social scientist + business. 18+ yrs experience in service design, design thinking, organizational innovation. Managing partner @ INSITUM, a leading innovation consulting firm. Triathlete.

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Just grateful such a network exists. Keep up the good work!

I've been working at the intersection of business, design and social sciences during the last 20 years. I started INSITUM in 2002 and have led its growth to 150 employees in 7 countries (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Spain). I have been involved in more than one thousand research and innovation projects for a wide variety of sectors. I have a bachelor’s in Industrial Design and a Master’s degree in Innovation Planning from the Institute of Design, IIT in Chicago. I've been a professor at several universities; guest speaker in more than 20 venues worldwide; and a member of the committee for various conferences on innovation and research.

Luis’s interest in Service Design

I lead one of the largest service design (and innovation consulting) company in the world. We do around 80 Service Design projects worldwide per year, so I have to be continually engaged with this professional community.

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