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Lucía Delgado Pérez
London | United Kingdom


Lucía Delgado Pérez Admiral Pioneer, Junior Service Designer

Hi! I'm Lucia, part of the service design team at Admiral Pioneer. I'm currently working in the areas of health and wellbeing within our first project focused on women's health.

Before joining the Pioneer team, I've been working as a freelancer and entrepreneur designer for the last years, enjoying the intersectionality of design, art, and technology on diverse projects. I recently graduated in Sustainable Design (MA), focused on social innovation, systems thinking, and design for service to drive collective sustainable change.

I'm passionate about social innovation and service design as powerful ways of addressing challenging and real problems with a user-centred mindset.

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BALANCE - Research Project for Service & App Design

How can design address sustainable eating challenges from a gender perspective?

Sustainable eating practices require an increment in the skills, time, and research inside the household (Cohen et al., 2021). At the same time, women are still mostly in charge of the foodwork and unpaid domestic work in London (Beagan et al., 2008; Clifford Astbury et al., 2020; Szabo, 2012). The domestic field is still undervalued in economic and cultural terms (Klasson and Ulver, 2015; Meah, 2014). 

The main focus of this project was to promote sustainable eating behaviours and a more equal distribution of foodwork among young couples in London.

I carried out this research as part of my dissertation for the MA Sustainable Design, at Kingston University. 

Lucia Delgado

Governmental Campaign, Uruguay

Facing high rates of unplanned teenage pregnancies: How to promote the use of condoms in an innovative way?

Uruguay had a high rate of unplanned pregnancy among teenagers, 75%, by 2017. Consequently, 57% of those teenagers stop studying. What is more, teenager pregnancy and sexual transmission infections (STI) are closely related to challenging socioeconomic situations, resulting in an increament of gender and economic inequalities.

Condom is always in fashion is a Governmental Campaign started in 2017 in Uruguay with the collaboration of different governmental entities, such as National Health Department (MSP - Ministerio de Salud Pública), INAU and CONASIDA, to promote the use of condoms among teenagers.

I participated as Lead Designer, collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of sex educators, sociologists, and teenagers of the public youth centre Manos Rojas. 

Lucia Delgado

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