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Lizzie Abernethy
Glasgow | United Kingdom

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Lizzie Abernethy

Lizzie Abernethy Andthen, Designer

Lizzie Abernethy is a designer, strategist, and researcher, currently using design and futures at Andthen to solve innovation challenges. She earned her stripes studying in Milan, Cologne, and Glasgow, and worked across social innovation with Butterfly Works, inclusive city development with Agile City, and co-founded Glasgow Tool Library before joining Andthen.



'Unintended Consequences'


While we have a tendency to view progress and change as linear, the world is complex, non-linear, and interconnected. Nothing exists in isolation, and one small change has a knock-on effect across an entire system. Unintended Consequences is an exploratory workshopping tool which aims to extrapolate from a specific change or innovation, and anticipate its effects on specific sectors, categories or systems — in this case on different types of design practice.

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