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Helsinki | Finland

I am currently doing my Master’s in Collaborative and Industrial Design (CoID) at Aalto University, with a specialty in service design and design research.

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“The sustainability challenge is a design issue.” -John Thackara

I have a background in visual communications and a BA in Digital Concept Development. I enjoy putting my visual design and concept development skills to work for the design and production of journey maps, user flows, workshop/research materials, presentations and iterative prototypes, etc. I also bring a passion for human-centered design to my work, and relish the opportunity to immerse myself in user/customer research and co-design processes. My strengths are identifying human needs, motivations and emerging behaviours and turning observations into useful insights that can inspire design strategies and improve services and experiences.

Lindsay’s interest in Service Design

Designing and experiencing services brings people together. It is a collaborative act between designers, customers, citizens and stakeholders. Designing services is about more than just a great idea. It’s about how people work and the systems that support them. My current Master’s thesis work investigates how people consume solar-powered electricity in rural Indian villages, how they experience a new pre-paid electricity service and proposes opportunities for improvements and service innovations.

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