About Lindsay Keith

Lindsay Keith
WInchester | United Kingdom

Global Expert in Service Design with 20 years track record

Lindsay Keith Service Design Consultant

• A strategic thinking, business minded, technically oriented Digital Design Leader (UX, Service Design, and Product Interfaces) with solid proven successes in global blue chips and UK & foreign Govts.

• Highly experienced with a track record in creating teams and identifying, defining, designing and deploying new customer centric propositions services and products - leading to digital transformation and change programmes that deliver tangible benefits

• Qualified MBA with experience of institutionalising Service Design, UX, UCD into Finance, Telecoms, Media and Government depts

I am looking to relocate to USA, preferably Boulder CO. So any USA folks requiring consultancy or can offer way to move there I am very interested in meeting up.

• Confident in liaising with C-Level, Senior Managers, Business Analysts, Clients; in managing UX Researchers - setting research goals and agreeing methodologies for testing; in management of UX/UI Designers; in negotiating with software delivery managers to ensure that total quality is achieved in MVS/P.

To me, service design means...

Service is everything. By following design process we can improve the world, flatten the hierarchies and create a more inclusive capital based world. Adam Smith's invisible hand is a service that balances the marketplace.

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