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Lindsay Keith
WInchester | United Kingdom

Global Expert in Service Design with 20+ years track record

Lindsay is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, innovation, workshop, service safari, immersive experience, customer service, experience design, employee engagement, service Strategy and Transformation

Lindsay Keith Service Design Consultant

• A strategic thinking, business minded, technically oriented Digital Design Leader (UX, Service Design, and Product Interfaces) with solid proven successes in global blue chips and UK & foreign Govts.

• Highly experienced with a track record in creating teams and identifying, defining, designing and deploying new customer centric propositions services and products - leading to digital transformation and change programmes that deliver tangible benefits

• Qualified MBA with experience of institutionalising Service Design, UX, UCD into Finance, Telecoms, Media and Government depts

• Confident in liaising with C-Level, Senior Managers, Business Analysts, Clients; in managing UX Researchers - setting research goals and agreeing methodologies for testing; in management of UX/UI Designers; in negotiating with software delivery managers to ensure that total quality is achieved in MVS/P.

To me, service design means...

Service is everything. By following design process we can improve the world, flatten the hierarchies and create a more inclusive capital based world. Adam Smith's invisible hand is a service that balances the marketplace.

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