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Lina Antolinez
Bogotá | Colombia

SDGC18 Speaker with Diego Mazo

Lina's talk at SDGC18: Pilot to Scale

Lina Antolínez is a service designer passionate about education and technology who has a great interest in understanding the role of technology in new services and its impact on customer and stakeholder relationships. Lina has combined the practice of service design as a design consultant and as a teacher. She gained broad experience developing innovation, strategic business planning and creative processes for different Tourism, Healthcare and Financial companies in Latin America and also in the academia, co-leading Service Design courses at Universidad de Los Andes. Nowadays, Lina leads the Design team at Youse, insurance company in Colombia.

Lina Antolinez
Design Team Lead at Youse

Lina’s interest in Service Design

Avianca, market leader in flight services in Latin America was struggling in a severe crisis that ended with a new CEO, Hernán Rincón: “We want to transform Avianca into a digital company that manages flights”. Consequently, the new Innovation department was created aiming to build an open network of partners to develop cutting edge projects, foster a new culture and promote new ways of working through agile processes and experimentation. The design department of Los Andes university was the first ally of the open innovation network, setting up a pilot using Service Design as the main tool to solve 8 challenges.

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