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Lee Dale
Toronto | Canada

I've spent the past 15+ years working with organizations to help them realize the transformative capabilities of digital.

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From customer experience to service design, my day-to-day is spent leveraging digital technology in ways that grow revenue while reducing costs and inefficiencies. This is accomplished by guiding teams towards delivering exceptional, intuitive experiences across all consumer touchpoints and related services. I've lent my time to NGOs, not-for-profits, and startups, consulting on customer experience, digital strategy, accessibility, and service delivery. I am also co-chair of HoHoTO, raising over $400,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank and YWCA Toronto's Girls' Centre as we work to provide new opportunities to the next generation of founders, funders, and digital practitioners.

Lee Dale
CEO, Say Yeah! Co-chair HoHoTO. I drive business with digital.

Lee’s interest in Service Design

While my focus is bringing digital insight to organizations, service delivery is a critical component of leveraging digital and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Anything I can do to learn from and contribute to a community of practice around service design enhances our ability to improve service delivery.

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