About Leala Abbott

Leala  Abbott
Brooklyn | United States

Helping Organizations Design Human-Centered Solutions

Leala is passionate about... service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education, user experience, benchmarking, workshop, user journey, workshops, interviews, quantitative research, experimentation, personas, field research, observation, qualitative research, wayfinding, service blueprint, organisational change, digital transformation, interdisciplinary, system design, concept development, white space research, customer experience, service roadmap, stakeholder map, user-driven innovation, innovation process and affinity diagram

Leala  Abbott Parsons, The New School, Strategist & Educator

I'm passionate about designing evidence-based strategies, lean operations, and innovation programs for long-term, sustainable growth. Throughout my career, I've helped organizations enhance experiences, seize new market opportunities, optimize organizational performance, and successfully adopt new technologies. 

My approach combines the analytical nature of business strategy with the human-centered approach of design. I have effectively guided multinational organizations through complex problem-solving stages from research to strategy and solution developments. As a trained facilitator, I bring boards, executive leadership, and management teams together, introducing strategic and change management methods, facilitating training sessions, and driving transformative discussions to address challenges.

I have worked across corporate strategy and customer experience, leading cross-functional teams on projects ranging from setting up an Office of Change Management (OCM) to product development and everything in between. And I’ve loved every minute of it!

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