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Lauri Eskelinen
Helsinki | Finland

Quality Service Ambassador – Co-creation, Customer Experience, Service Design Thinking - Looking for Design trainee role

Lauri Eskelinen Laurea University of Applied Sciences,

I am currently working on the academic part of my thesis and looking for a part-time design trainee or internship role in addition to rest of my studies. Topics which I am interested about are developing customer experience, human-centric business development, developing new service concepts and processes. Reason why I am searching for only a part-time role, is because it’s very important for me, that I have enough time to complete my studies properly. I could not imagine before, that studying could be fun. I have not regretted even a day that I started these studies, and now I want to get as much as possible out of them.

The concepts, which I created during my thesis project, one of them were taken in use during project, and testing with the customers were started with other two. I could not do all the things I wanted to do during the project, so after it ended, I started to think about whether the service design process which I used, could be developed to a concept, which I could bring with me to a new employer. Earlier this year we met for the first time with one senior designer regarding this topic, and it was very nice to see, that we were on the same page with many things. It also gave me confidence, that I am going towards a right direction.

In the project, I used the following facilitation methods, World Café, MeWeUs and prototyping. In addition, I have tested 10+10 and Idealogue -methods in practice. Service design tools, which I used were Empathy Map, Stakeholder Map, Customer Journey Map and Service Blueprint. I got to plan and moderate two separate workshops, in which it was very nice to see participants to get excited about the possibility to influence entire company’s operations. I enjoy facilitation very much, and I want to constantly improve my skills in it.

During the fall semester, I got to know to UX design, when the topic of the Service Design in Digital Context - courses group assignment was to create a new digital solution for Bar Laurea. Project was the most challenging yet, but I also learned the most during it. I am very proud of the result, because our group assignment grade was 4.8/5 and my own course grade was 5/5. I open this case more thoroughly in my portfolio.

In addition to this UX-project, during last fall, I improved my digital knowledge by first completing Basics of Digital Marketing online course by Google Digital Garage. After this, I completed three-week intensive Digi coordinator -course organized by City of Helsinki and Google. These increased my knowledge about digital customer experience and digital marketing very much.

One of my biggest strengths is networking and bringing people from different backgrounds together. I have been able to utilize these skills by co-founding three different informal low threshold networking concepts #sokkopiknik, #verkostoitumisvoffelit and #MeetWithMeat / #MeetWithOutMeat, which are open for everyone. Through these events I have met amazing new people and found some friends. I enjoy networking and getting to know to new people, and I want to be able to do that in the future also regardless of my role.

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