About Laura Lorenzo

Laura Lorenzo
Lisboa | Portugal

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Laura Lorenzo

Laura Lorenzo Service Design Network Portugal, Customer Experience Manager

Laura Lorenzo is an Experience Designer with a mission: help organizations to become people-centric, As such, Laura co-founded the Portuguese SDN Chapter and, as a Customer Experience Manager at OutSystems, focuses her work on improving both the customer and the employee’s experience. To raise awareness on the importance of intentionally designing the employee experience, Laura regularly publishes articles on LinkedIn and Medium on the theme “A new way to make the workplace work”.



'Oh Boy! I’m in Trouble... Your Rescue Guide to Facilitate a Workshop when the Topic is Considered Taboo?'


What do you do, when you have to lead a Service design project that pivots around a taboo topic? How do you give voice to the elephant in the room? How do you create a comfort zone for all participants so you actually are able to get genuine insights? In this workshop you will get the theory and the practice you need to design and run workshops that allow the elephant to walk without harm.


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