About László Ágoston

Budapest | Hungary

I experienced a lot as sociologist, researcher and social innovation catalyst - and I always met their limitations. As service designer we focus on proving the business impact of design thinking.

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Phone: + Skype: laszlo__agoston

I love to work in team and real partnership. I attract to hopeless challenges. I enjoy seeing people got infected by design thinking. I miss a tolerant, constructively positive and unquestionably democratic atmosphere/mindset in my country. I live in a patchwork family with 5 children. I'm proud of the TeleCoin project from the past (2015, Isobar Budapest/DentsuAegis): our solution was an immaterial (non-financial) incentive system for sales reps. We also worked for Deutsche Telekom in the Magenta1 '1st 100 days' project eliminating customer painpoints. And I'm proud of our team at Labstore/Y&R working with Telenor Hungary putting service design into the core of its transformation.

László’s interest in Service Design

Solving corporate business challenges. Doing the sales of service design - and improve in it day by day. Delivering innovative solutions that really work. Open up isolated, corporate minds. Knowledge sharing and learning from case studies. Working with service design enthusiasts - and energized, visionary people with shine in their eyes in general.

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