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Lasse Underbjerg
Copenhagen | Denmark

SDGC19 Speaker Lasse Underbjerg

Lasse Underbjerg Designit, Global Future Lab Director

Thinker. Maker. Speaker. A hybrid creative with 15 years of award-winning consultancy experience across sectors, competencies and across the globe, Lasse Underbjerg (Designit) is passionate about exploring the frontier of digital experiences, with relentless curiosity, empathy and strategy. Envisioning futures and solving human problems at the intersection of design, technology and storytelling. Inventing simple solutions and crafting compelling experiences. Making things people want, moving minds and moving markets.



'Trusting Invisibility: Designing Futures We Can’t See or Even Understand '


Most products and services we use in our everyday lives are designed to be as seamless as possible. To the point of being invisible. But how can we trust what we can’t see, or even understand? As algorithms make increasingly important decisions on our behalf how do we balance the desire for simplicity with the need for transparency and accountability? As designers we’ve been looking into this. We’ll share key findings from our global research, speculative prototypes that probe possible solutions, and take a first step towards concrete guidelines for how to design a trustworthy future.

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