About Krzysztof Ożóg

Krzysztof Ożóg
Lublin | Poland

I am Poland based serviced designer with more than 100 ideas per second. Lucky for me I work with extraordinary team. Design is a team-driven sport - so I am eager to meet as many people as possible.

I'm happy to...
Go for
a coffee
Show you
my company
Show you
my city
Host events
in my area
I state to be a minimalist, yet my desk is full of notes and balls I use for "focusing".

I am coffee and tea lover, active martial artist. It's an honor for me to share experience and stories with as many people as possible. Everyone carries great book inside him, and if we ever meet, be sure to share yours with me.

Krzysztof Ożóg
Service Designer

Krzysztof’s interest in Service Design

Ideation and fast prototyping.

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