About Katja Mäenpää

Katja Mäenpää
Helsinki | Finland

I'm a soon graduating service design student from Aalto University, School of Science. I have a background in technology and a heart for human-centered design. I want to help people with great design.

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I have studied software engineering and service design in my bachelor's and master's degrees, so I work well in the mix of them both. In the future, I would love to create innovative and easy to use design solutions with the help of service design and human centered design methods. I want to spread positive emotions and empathy with the work I do. Right now I'm writing my master's thesis about how medical clowns affect child patient patient experience. I have created a website for the child to use on a tablet while in hospital to share their own experience of the day.

Katja Mäenpää

Katja’s interest in Service Design

I'm interested in how Service Design can solve complex and different problems with all the stakeholders and end users in mind. I think it's intriguing how the problems and also the service designers can have such a variety in their background, but still we can use almost the same methods to overcome big problems and yet have unique outcomes everytime.

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