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Urom | Hungary

I always worked on brand experiences, whether it was communication, visual or strategy. I'm an empathic and passionate guy who learned the importance of the holistic customer experience.

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Kamill is probably the youngest Service Designer in his country. Twitter: @koszokamill

We have a very different definition of "service" here in Hungary & it’s my personal goal to absolutely change the customer experience in this country. In fact, this mission to promote the customer-focused, service-oriented mindset goes hand in hand with re-thinking the entire system from the outside in. As the youngest Service Designer here in Hungary, I feel a huge sense of responsibility, and incredibly energized, about spreading the message of SD.

Kamill’s interest in Service Design

Working as a Social Media Consultant for small local companies was definitely fun, but something was missing. Then my dream job came calling: Creative Director for a small branding studio called werpure.! That’s where I realized what was lacking in my previous work, which was building brand identities, (which I absolutely love!) & that ‘branding' is much more than creating a beautiful visual identity. Then came another huge realization: even the best looking brand can fail if they drop the ball at any touchpoint with customer interactions. When my entire journey led to Service Design, it was love at first sight & the missing piece just fell into place!

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