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Julie Sommerfreund
Toronto | Canada

Hi! I'm an Innovation Designer who has worked in service design, city government and environmental non-governmental organizations.

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My background is in environmental sciences, public policy and Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Drawing on my experiences working in the public sector, the not-for-profit sector and the private sector I bring a unique perspective to my work. I blends approaches from a diverse background in science, public policy, improvisational acting and strategic design. I have a Master’s in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Sciences.

Julie Sommerfreund
Strategist, Researcher and Innovation Designer

Julie’s interest in Service Design

I am a researcher at heart and am interested in all modes of design research. I am interested in the relationship between service design and system change within large organizations. As an Innovation Designer in a boutique innovation consulting firm in Toronto, I am drawn to learning new methods and approaches from others through their experiences as outside consultants and internal service designers.

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