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Julie Guinn
Philadelphia | United States

SDGC19 Speaker Julie Guinn

Julie Guinn Elsevier, User Experience Design Manager

Julie Guinn is the User Experience Design Manager for Precision Medicine at Elsevier where she focuses on next-generation platforms for clinical data management and advanced clinical decision support. She has 20 years of experience driving human-centered design and research in leading technology and healthcare organizations, including Microsoft, Intuit and University of Pennsylvania Medical System. She holds a master’s degree in Human-Centered Design from the Illinois Institute of Design and a bachelor’s degree in Human Factors from Tufts University.



'Designing in Complexity'


For designers working in complex systems environments--healthcare, finance, government and education, to name a few--success depends as much on understanding and anticipating how users will interact with a design, as on how the design will interact with the environment in which it is deployed. Failure to diagnose and address underlying system dynamics can leave even the most promising and well-intentioned ideas struggling to gain adoption, or worse, facing outright rejection. This talk will introduce the basic elements of systems, their unique characteristics and behaviors, examples of how they manifest in organizations and industries and specific implications for the design process. Finally, we'll explore a set of highly accessible methods and frameworks designers can use to navigate everyday systems complexity.

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