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Juliane Fuchs
Helsinki | Finland

Freelance Designer and Consultant: Service Design I Strategic Design I Human Centricity I Public Sector Innovation I Digitalization

Juliane is passionate about... design and culture, innovation, user experience, workshop, digital service, user journey, user-centred, participatory approach, qualitative research, co-creation, strategic, experimentation, digital transformation, organisational change, co-design, interdisciplinary, gamification, system design, journey map, service safari, customer journey, universal design, Co-creation, Affinity Mapping and Customer Journey

Juliane Fuchs Freelancer, Freelance Designer and Consultant

I am a visionary, curious, and brave designer, consultant, strategist, researcher, athlete, doer, and critical thinker.

I’m a freelancer because I like to be independent and because I'm a generalist with many different interests, I enjoy working on many different topics within a short range of time, and keeping many balls in the air is what makes me happy and keeps me going. I’m creative and radical, but pragmatic.

The main focus of my work is within the public sector, but it's not limited to that. I know the public sector from the in- and outside, working as a Designer and Project Manager for the City of Freiburg and as Designer and Researcher for the Strategy Architects, a Germany-based consultancy agency. My work here includes consulting projects with international foundations, churches, ministries, and municipalities, municipal internationalization- and digitalization strategies, the facilitation and design of design sprints and workshops, smart city topics and social labs. 

At the City of Freiburg I was responsible for the design and rollout of digital projects, and thereby the main link between the inhabitants and the city administration's digital department, using a human-centred approach to ensure a people-first digitalization process.  

I also worked for international service design companies, conducted remote user research and helped an urban planning agency with a report on public ridership. During an internship at Demos Helsinki, the leading nordic think tank, I had the chance to broaden my knowledge about governance innovation and public policy.  

I’m a passionate athlete and I compete(d) in weightlifting, football, rugby, and swimming. The team spirit and ambition that I’ve learned through sports are still a big part of my personality. I enjoy learning new things and immersing myself in new topics. 

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Design for Government

„Future of Finland’s Hiking Areas – New uses, users and identities“ in cooperation with the finnish ministry of forestry and agriculture

2018, Aalto University

State-owned hiking areas in Finland are not primarily for commerce nor for conservation, but fall in-between. What needs to be renewed, what is lacking? What is the future? Our DfG-group developed design addressing the complex challenges of the government and public sector. We applied

empathic approaches to identify stakeholder needs, systems approaches to analyze the wider context of policies and behavioral insight to identify and design relevant solutions.

public sector

How can the city approach teenagers proactively to increase administrative literacy?

In cooperation with the City of Karlsruhe, Germany. Diploma Thesis, 2019.

Teenagers aren‘t really a target group of the city administration at the moment since most services are only used by their parents. But not all parents are capable of using the public services for their children, due to language or other barriers. With my diploma project, I aimed to fight this inequality and define teenagers as an important target group. I am convinced that it is possible to change the negative perception and the lack of trust towards the German public sector

by increasing administrative literacy. Approaching teenagers in a proactive and

positive way is one of the keys to a sustainable win-win situation between the city administration and teenagers/citizens. The project was co-created with teenagers and public servants.

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