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Joshua Belz
San Francisco | United States

Service & Experience Design Leader

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Joshua Belz ISACA, Service Designer
A strategic service designer, experience designer, and Certified Experience Economy Expert [CEEE] with Pine and Gilmore, Joshua defines innovative strategies that work. Joshua continually establishes frameworks that empower clients and teams to be more strategic and effective.

To me, service design means...

To me, Service Design means 'solving for time well saved'. In their book, "The Experience Economy," Joe Pine and Kim Korn, through their framework, The Progression of Economic Value, define services and experiences in terms of 'time well saved' and 'time well spent,' respectively. And there's a proposition that I tend to agree with - that the difference between art and design is this: art is self expression, and design is problem solving. Therefore; to me, Service Design means 'solving for time well saved,' and Experience Design means 'solving for time well spent.'

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