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José Carlos Camposano
Espoo | Finland

Service design rookie, trying to build bridges between tech and make.

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Service Design and Engineering Master's candidate at the EIT Digital Master School. In the past I have worked mostly as a programmer and software engineer, with some experience as well in the fields of audit and IT consulting, both for startups and medium-sized companies. I'm Latino and German, so far I've lived in 4 different countries... And hopefully the count will keep increasing, since I love to travel.

José Carlos Camposano
Business Development Associate

José Carlos’s interest in Service Design

One of the things I hate the most is getting trapped in daily routines. I never envisioned working in IT just for the sake of creating new technology, but to generate real changes in society. That's the reason why I became interested on Service Design in the first place. It's the perfect arena to combine innovative and challenging projects, which defy the boundaries of technology, business and design, but at the same time takes deeply into account the human aspects throughout all its stages.

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