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Jon Upshaw
Atlanta | United States

Designing for a better future

Jon is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation and design education

Jon Upshaw Evisions, UX Designer

Hello, I'm Jon Upshaw. I'm a UX Designer living in the Atlanta area. When I'm not redesigning higher education software for Evisions, I'm taking the opportunity to give back to the Atlanta service design community.

In the past year, I was given the opportunity to help plan and execute a couple of global design conferences (PRIMER 2020 and Atlanta Service Jam) as they transitioned to a virtual format for the first time ever. This shift forced me to adapt to the many challenges that unexpected events bring to the forefront of my design career, and shaped my philosophy regarding the role design plays in our everyday lives.

In my personal time, I love reading about design strategy and business relations, as I am fascinated by how global events continue to shape how businesses thrive in this constantly changing era of human history. One day, I aspire to work as a consultant for globally recognized firms and make decisions that create value for people everywhere.

To me, service design means...

The act of taking the intangible experiences of our everyday lives and creating value within those experiences.

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