About Jörg Brockhausen

Jörg Brockhausen
Düsseldorf | Germany

I`m a shape shifter between being and entrepreneur, consultant, coach, facilitator and speaker. I have a background in consulting and I am trained and educated in acting, psychology and sociology.

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I like to work in teams and networks that are willing to share their knowledge and develop existing approaches to new levels. And all of this in the in the deeper understanding of “the whole is more than the sum of the parts”

Jörg Brockhausen
Managing Director at www.Coaching-Change.de; Co Founder and Partner at www.digital-dna.de

Jörg’s interest in Service Design

In my work as a consultant and Coach I am dealing a lot with questions of “optimizing” organizations and processes. It always has been in my core to co-creatively design human centered organizations and to develop new and adequate forms of leadership and communication

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