About J.Margus Klaar

J.Margus Klaar
Stockholm | Sweden

I'm a Swiss-Swedish-Canadian-Estonian service designer and founding partner of Brand Manual.

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Heavy metal turned up to eleven is an excellent way to achieve peace and quiet for concentration.

I have a long background in marketing, communication and advertising, and I sincerely believe that delivering a better customer experience is the best marketing of all. Already in 1954, Peter Drucker said that business has only two functions that add value: marketing and innovation. By developing products and services based on customer needs and insight, by delivering delightful experiences as every touchpoint between brand and consumer, service design effectively equals innovation + marketing. Which, by definition, also builds strong brands.

J.Margus Klaar
Service designer

J.Margus’s interest in Service Design

I've always been fascinated by human behaviour. By how rational explanations and emotional actions often contradict each other. It seems that business is slowly recognising, that people don't think, unless they have to, and that making things "work the way people expect them to work" is a more effective business strategy than printing "user manuals" or defining "rules", that people simply don't follow.

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