About Jessica Dugan

Jessica Dugan
Minneapolis | United States

Hi. I'm a service designer, researcher and strategist who loves to discover and interpret the unknown and make the known seem more mysterious.

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I live in Minneapolis, MN (USA) with my husband, stepdaughter and son.

My background is in journalism, print production and design. I previously worked as Director of Design Strategy + Innovation at Peer Insight, an innovation consulting firm, where I developed an interest in health and healthcare design. I strive to design services that improve quality of life and benefit society, if even in a small way. For 8 years I've led multi-stakeholder design projects across various industries. I hold an MDes & an MBA from the IIT Institute of Design.

Jessica Dugan
Associate Director, Human-centered Design

Jessica’s interest in Service Design

I am interested in learning more about how others in large organizations have been able to weather the storm that is corporate politics and infrastructure. I am also interested in learning how to better incorporate systems thinking into my design work.

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