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Jesse Grimes
Baarn | Netherlands

I am a senior service designer, an SDN mgmt. board member and editor-in-chief of Touchpoint. I regularly host and speak at Dutch and international SD events. I'm co-organizing the 2016 SDN conference.

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I've been a member of the SDN since the first conference in Amsterdam, in 2008.

I'm a senior service designer at Dutch firm Informaat, which I joined in 2008 to launch its service design practice. Since then I've worked with some of the largest private-sector companies and public-sector organizations in the Netherlands, applying service design practices and techniques to a range of challenges. Following the completion of my studies in 1997, I have worked in London, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Sydney, and I'm now based in Amsterdam.

Jesse Grimes
SDN management board member, Touchpoint Editor-in-Chief, Senior service designer

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