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Jesse Grimes
Amsterdam | Netherlands

Keynote Speaker (Members Event) and SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Jesse Grimes

Jesse Grimes Kolmiot, Independent senior service designer, Innovation coach

Jesse Grimes (Kolmiot) is an independent sr. service designer, Sr. V.P. of the SDN, and Editor-in-Chief of Touchpoint. He has 12 years’ experience in service design and is based in Amsterdam. His client list includes ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, Philips, Vodafone, Orange and AkzoNobel. He has specific expertise in the financial sector, coaching startups, training service design and facilitating jams, sprints and workshops. As an industry thought leader, he regularly organizes and speaks at international events.


Keynote Talk at the exclusive SDN Members Event

'Trends in Service Design'


Our discipline is growing fast and changing fast, and the services we design are getting more and more complex. Amongst other things, this complexity is being driven by the possibilities offered by new technologies. Our work is changing as well - we are becoming required to learn new skills, as well as tackle new challenges.

As a community, we frequently get together to discuss how we work in specific sectors, or how to apply specific tools and techniques. In this talk, Jesse will take a step back and look at service design itself, and what trends are shaping it as it moves into the future. Combining 11 years of experience as a practicing service designer, along with the international perspective he brings through his leadership of the Service Design Network and being Editor-in-Chief of the SDN journal 'Touchpoint', Jesse has a unique global perspective which he looks forward to sharing with the audience.


Workshop during the Service Design Global Conference 2019

'Service Design for Startups: Adapting Our Practise for a New Frontier'


In this workshop, you’ll learn why startups represent a very different way of working than your typical large organization, what drives them, and the exciting opportunities they offer for service designers in dynamic, fast-paced and often young environments. Discover how to adapt and apply your skills, language and value proposition, as well as familiar tools (CJ’s, personas) and new ones (the ‘Service Design for Innovation’ canvas) that enable you to deliver value to startups.


In addition, Jesse Grimes will facilitate one of our pre-conference events on October 9, 2019:


'Service Design for the Circular Economy'


For further information on this Masterclass, please have a look at our pre-conference side events and purchase your ticket via our Masterclass ticket overview.

Please note: Masterclass tickets do not give access to the conference or vice versa.

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