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Jess McMullin
Edmonton | Canada

SDGC18 Workshop Facilitator

Jess's workshop at SDGC18: Bulletproof Services: Prototyping Service Resilience

Jess McMullin is a Canadian-based management consultant who uses human-centred design and innovation to tackle the most valuable problems his clients face—from new kinds of government ID to new business models for social income assistance. Introduced to UX in 1996, today he trains, coaches, and consults with leaders and teams to grow their own internal capability and culture for tackling complex challenges. His latest interests in supporting this design-driven transformation for his clients are documenting lean service design practices, simplifying business fluency, and exploring analog tools for innovators. He speaks and teaches around the world.

Jess McMullin
Principal at Situ Strategy

Jess’s interest in Service Design

Service design staples like journeys, blueprints, and principles are brilliant for creating a shared vision and a common direction. But you have to face the real world when you finally deliver a new service. What looked great in a blueprint might not work so well when trampled by a toddler who is 8 hours in to a 12 hour travel experience. Too often our tools are linear, only show the typical path, and lose power in the homestretch of implementation. This workshop will provide service recovery and resiliency tools to help you bulletproof services early on, before that screaming toddler arrives.

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