About Jess Leitch

Jess Leitch
London | United Kingdom

SDGC18 Speaker

Jess's talk at SDGC18: Start with Delivery, Not Theory

Jess is a Principal and Co-Head of Design at Idean, UK. A reformed management consultant, she helps clients to design and build new services and businesses, to fix issues with existing products and services and to help people to build their service design muscles. She has shared her views on Service Design (and other things) at the Royal College of Art, Ravensbourne University, Service Design Fringe Festival, Women's Leadership Network Conference and Startup Thailand.

Jess Leitch
Principal at Idean UK

Jess’s interest in Service Design

Fed up of designing things that end up in people’s drawers? Blueprints and personas are great tools but they’re not deliverables. There’s an ever growing risk of Service Design being seen as a theoretical exercise rather than a methodology for delivery. How might we shift focus from process to outcomes? Introducing the Spaces initiative. Created to demonstrate the art of the possible, we explored the energy sector and created fully-fledged concepts that showcase our vision of the future. We’re starting the conversation at delivery, not theory. It’s turned the agency model on its head.

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