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Hsinyu Kuo
vancouver | Canada


Hsinyu Kuo Service & Interaction Designer
I have explored how service design can be implemented into government services to encourage public engagement and bring about positive social change.

To me, service design means...

Service Design is to get the service right.

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Collaboration Toolkits- Issue Mapper

Issue Mapper is a digital tool to help Taiwan’s Participation Officers (POs) document their findings on urgent citizen-generated social issues and to keep their work on track. The current design of the Issue Mapper supports the stage before design collaboration but the final goal is to let the Issue Mapper be used from collecting data to writing proposals for policy and regulation changes. After seven iterations of co-design and user testing with POs, we were able to simplify the taxonomy to five categories by eliminating stakeholders and references as unused content.

service design in the public sectorHsinyu Kuo
Collaboration Toolkits- Issue Mapper

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