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Hitomi Yokota
Toronto | Canada

SDGC19 Workshop Facilitator Hitomi Yokota

Hitomi Yokota Bridgeable, Senior Service Designer

Hitomi Yokota (Bridgeable) is a design strategist based in Toronto, specializing in user experience research and design. With her unique mix of academic and cultural backgrounds, over the past 8 years, she has helped governments, community organizations, and private corporations across North America and Japan improve their stakeholder experiences. Hitomi holds an Honors BA in Sociology and an Honors MA in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy from Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.



'Inclusive Co-Design: Making Co-Design Processes Inclusive to People with Language Barriers'


This workshop is for designers and researchers who practice co-design and aim to be more inclusive of diverse cultural groups. Too often, we design with and for the majority of the community and adapt outcomes to fit the needs of the minority. The Inclusive Co-design Toolkit was developed with 30 stakeholders to provide best practices in co-designing with language minorities. By attending the workshop, you will gain hands-on experience applying inclusive principles from the toolkit.

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