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Heba Issa
Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Service Designer | CX Strategist | Lean Startup Coach

Heba Issa Publicis Sapient, Manager of CX & Innovation

You know how sometimes you bump into beautiful usable apps and websites that take seconds to use but the actual service is shit! Either you have to wait a long time, or even worse you be mistaken for someone else or get the wrong service!

Well, I solve that by helping service-oriented businesses take a look under the hood and understand what gets in the way of providing the best service while transforming how they operate services in a way that sustains and scales their service delivery resources for the future.

Today I have helped hundreds of organizations ideate and prototype service operations along with their business models to make sure we are fixing the right problems. Some have doubled and even tripled their service excellence KPIs while scaling their service delivery resources (both human and digital) by more than 75%. If you want to know more about how my skills fit your business needs, or if you are a designer and want to learn how to do this, Let's have a quick chat! 

To me, service design means...

Happy Employees = Happy customers. For me, moving away from jargons, service design is designing how people work in a way that directly impacts the customer experience. my favorite part in designing services is having curiosity-driven conversations that reveal causality and impact relations which contribute to customer complaints.

Share your favorite projects with our community:

Self Service Knowledge Base for Refugees

Self Service Knowledge Base for Refugees

Helping Refugees and asylum seekers access vital information about their civil rights as well as personal services like protection, livelihood, healthcare, and education. service operations infrastructure that enables UNHCR refugee care team to promptly respond to refugee inquiries and attend to their complaints in a way that helps elevates UNHCR's brand values by providing an omnichannel experience linking different touchpoints mobile, web, and kiosks.

Smart City - International Resort Community Design Strategy

Providing Sahl Hasheesh residents an integrated community experience that helps them access property and facility management services as well as wayfinding and navigation. With B2B2C business model transformation Sahl Hasheesh transformed from selling land to developers to selling apartments and business units that help thrive the community's economy.

With HR Transformation, we helped change the organization structure in a way that helps to scale and sustain service delivery resources in a way that fits their new business model. 

Smart City - International Resort Community Design Strategy
Smart Government - Traffic prosecution services

Smart Government - Traffic prosecution services

Participated in Egyptian smart government initiative by designing first digital traffic prosecution service MVP in the city of Port Said. use the data from this experiment to scale the service in other governorates. 

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