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Hannah Steele
London | United Kingdom

My name is Hannah and I am a Service Designer from Scotland, currently living in London. I work at an agency named Spotless where we transform customer experiences through service innovation.

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When I'm not researching and journey mapping, I'm most likely cooking, eating or sleeping.

From the age of 8, I wanted to be an inventor. I was obsessed with my mum’s car radio, and the magic of how tapes could produce the addictive sound of Shania Twain. Throughout the years, I switched from wanting to be a fashion designer to an artist. Today, I have the chance to be all these things, and that is why I love my job. Design has become a non-negotiable for brands and business'. It is so much more than a shiny label or a pleasing shell of a product. I help to design experiences that elevate the way people live. I strive to break down the boundaries between traditionally siloed disciplines, taking a collaborative approach to projects.

Hannah Steele
Service Designer

Hannah’s interest in Service Design

I believe in being a design generalist where the ‘what’ is defined by the needs of who we are creating it for. I like to wear many hats and will often create new methods for each project I take on. What do I most enjoy? - Contextual Interviews -Observational Research and Ethnography - Cultural Probes - Workshopping and Role Playing - Journey mapping and Blueprinting - Design Strategy and Road-mapping - Co-design and concepting - Developing 'jobs to be done' and designing things!!

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