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Hamed Yahyaei
Södertälje | Sweden


Hamed is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education, user experience, prototyping, workshop, digital service and user journey

Hamed Yahyaei Scania, Design Lead | Senior Service Designer | Business Designer | Design Thinker | UX Manager | DesignOps & Omnichannel CX Consultant | Interaction Designer | Visual Identity, UI an
I ❤️Service Design Thinking/Doing | Local leader @ixda+Manager @interaction_design_foundation | A self-motivated designer who loves innovation and sustainability. 

To me, service design means...

As a lead lean service designer, I am flying high like an eagle or griffin to the right height to have an overall look at different problems, choose and tackle the right one for solving at the right time via prioritising for a potential MVP or MVS! Hamed Yahyaei

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Event The joint event - #AdobeXD #DeepDiveXD

The joint event - #AdobeXD #DeepDiveXD

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Event Advanced Prototyping and Design for Voice in Adobe Xd

Advanced Prototyping and Design for Voice in Adobe Xd

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Event IXDD Sweden - Stockholm Län

IXDD Sweden - Stockholm Län

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Event World CX Day - Stockholm Län

World CX Day - Stockholm Län

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