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Gustavo Borja
sao paulo | Brazil

CEO of Triggo Labs, we apply Service Design in creative projects. We work from the analysis of the problem and study of usability to the development of customised solutions

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Graduated in Advertising, postgraduated in Cinema and Definitely a Technology addicted. In over 10 years working on advertising and marketing, I received several national and international awards, including an United Nations medal in NY. As a film director, I've directed two short films, "Vestígios” and "The Fools There Were". As a professional, besides advertising and filmmaking, I have been an X-ray technician and an Ice Cream Shop owner. On 2010 I founded the first collective buying website in Brazil, and sold 3 years later. Founded an Digital Marketing startup, and after attending a Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship course in 2014, I became a partner and CEO of Triggo Labs.

Gustavo Borja

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