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Guillermo Martinez Cubells
Madrid | Spain


Guillermo is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation and design education

Guillermo Martinez Cubells Freelancer, Experience Designer
I look for the balance between user needs, natural elements and desired business outcomes. When I do the design I try to devise digital products that minimize or improve our ecological impact.

To me, service design means...

Service design is about designing the stage for a particular situation. Every detail and interaction counts, you have to design the conditions for the best probable outcome to happen. If you look at a play, its the sum of the parts that make it worth watching. Same for a product which is essentially a service. If the packaging call it staging or the content call it script don't talk the same language the experience of the service would be worthless. Service Design is about looking at the ecosystem of things from above, and opportunistically solving those points, processes that don't align at peoples or culture level, in order to unify the whole service experience.

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