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Gordon Ross
Vancouver | Canada

SDGC19 Speaker Gordon Ross

Gordon Ross OXD, Vice President and Partner

As Vice President and Partner of OXD, Gordon Ross has been leading the design and delivery of high-impact digital services since 1996. He was instrumental in leading the development of OXD's service design practice and has spoken internationally on service design in government.



'Power and Service Design: Making Sense of Service Design's Politics and Influence'


Discussions of power have been lacking in the discourse of professional service design. Expressions like “silo-busting” and “cross-disciplinary" and “collaborative” are common in service design marketing, but is this really the case? How does power really work during service design initiatives? Who is in control? Who gains and loses and by what means of power? Drawing on the writing of Manuel Castells, Bent Flyvbjerg, and others this talk will help service designers learn to recognize and speak about how power works inside of organizations, better understand their role, and contemplate service design's effects.

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