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Germano Guimarães
São Paulo | Brazil

Germano Guimaraes is co-founder and CEO of Tellus Group.

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He was advisor of the Secretary in the Department of Social Development of the State of Sao Paulo, which would rank as 31st in terms of population if it was a country. At the Brazilian Federal Government, he worked in the Administrative Council for Economic Defense in Brasilia. He was advisor of the chief of staff in the Department of Education of the State of São Paulo. In this position, Germano won two times the most important state-level innovation award. He worked at the Instituto Endeavor with entrepreneurship education. Former president of Gerogetown University – GCL Alumni. Member of Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum.

Germano Guimarães
Co-Founder and CEO

Germano’s interest in Service Design

Service Design for Public Services

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