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Gavin Mandrelle
Oakleigh South | Australia

Hi from Melbourne, Australia

Gavin is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education, service delivery, benchmarking, workshops, trend analysis, customer engagement, elderly care, social care, co-creation, cultural change, organisational change, feedback culture, continuous innovation, measurement system and future scenario

Gavin Mandrelle Australia Post, Service design professional
Hello. I'm Gavin Mandrelle. I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. I've been working in the field of service design for over five years, with a foundation in visual design spanning across a decade. What drew me to service design was an interest in wanting to understand the big picture on how humans access services and products, how products and services are made, and how everything is connected on a micro and macro scale.

To me, service design means...

If an iceberg can be used as a visual analogy of a service, the visible part of the iceberg is things like UX/UI/customer service. The non-visible parts and things that lie under the surface and around, are things that might not seem relevant, but are crucial in what impact the entire iceberg has - customer experience, organisational culture, team motivation etc. This is where service design comes in to help us understand how each part of the iceberg is connected as a whole, and what the impact might be if and when things disconnect.

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