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Florian Fischer
München | Germany

SDGC18 Speaker with Anna Marchuk

Florian's talk at SDGC18: Building mindset & re-inventing tools for service design in a large corps

Florian is an Innovation-Manager for Journey Management at BMW’s unit for Digital Products and Services based in Munich. Florian has a strong background in Urban Studies, Mobility Research and Location-based Services and obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg doing user studies on Social Location-based Services. His focus on customer value, new business models and user adoption of location-based services shaped his professional career. Before he joined BMW AG he was working as a project head at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and as Key Account Manager at ESRI Germany.

Florian Fischer
Florian is an Innovation-Manager for Journey Management at BMW

Florian’s interest in Service Design

Service innovation is a lot about people. 1 year ago there was a new team without a shared vision, pile of unstructured features and many ideas - typical challenge of a large corporation. We want to share a story of solving it by changing mindset of the people and developing a service-design toolbox for going from ideas to implementation of digital mobility services at BMW. Our practical insights will show how to use service design methods to: align expectations of individuals and create teams that work towards a common vision; address the challenge of not starting from scratch by identifying ideas that are worth keeping; foster customer-centric mindset and focus on holistic experiences.

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