About Floor Smit

Floor Smit
Amsterdam | Netherlands

SDGC18 Speaker

Floor's talk at SDGC18: Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Floor is a senior consultant with a masters’ degree in International Law at the University of Leiden (NL). She has an inquisitive nature, is fascinated by ideas and is always connecting concepts, people and tools. Having worked in large and complex organisations for the majority of her career, Floor can easily relate and empathise with the challenges her clients face. Knowing how difficult implementation can get, she doesn’t shy away from designing approaches that safeguard implementation beyond the initial redesigned Customer Journey Map.

Floor Smit
Senior Service Design Consultant at Koos Service Design

Floor’s interest in Service Design

We are hearing more and more about the internal struggles our clients face when implementing bigger service design projects. After the ‘honeymoon’ phase following an initial service design project, corporates tend to run into internal walls when implementing or scaling up. We love a challenge, so we started looking for tools, ideas and methods that we could add to our usual approach. Our talk will be about understanding why validated service innovations still can be left on a shelf to collect dust. And how to tackle these challenges.

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