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Sydney | Australia

I specialise in UX Research & Service Design and work for one of Australia's largest banks. I'm also an Organisational Psychologist with a passion for improving people's lives through better design.

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I have been working in UX for over 10 years, and have spent most of the last 6 years specialising in financial services. I introduced User Experience to my organisation and developed the Digital UX Research team alongside the UX Design team. Since 2015 I have shifted focus to developing an internal UX team (specifically research and strategy) to look at how UX can be applied to improving the interfaces, systems and processes used by staff.

Erin’s interest in Service Design

My interests lie in how we can encourage large organisations to become less siloed in their approach to product and service delivery, as well as how we can improve systems and processes to make the working lives of staff better.

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