About Erika Bailey

Erika  Bailey
Toronto | Canada

I am a member of an interdisciplinary design team. I am a musician turned teacher turned innovation designer, specializing the organizational culture change and human systems intervention.

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Family, friends, good coffee and good wine are the stuff of life.

As a professional musician, I am curious about the intersection between music and design practice. As a teacher, I am curious about how people learn in complex environments over time and with others. As a mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife, and colleague, I care deeply about the human experience and about making that better through small acts and bold design. As an innovation designer, I am hungry for understanding, meaning, and solutions that inspire.

Erika  Bailey
Innovation Designer

Erika ’s interest in Service Design

Though as an Innovation Designer I have the opportunity to work on a multitude of service design challenges and contexts, the ones I feel most passionate about integrate both design and organizational culture. I am interested in exploring how people are intentionally tackling these complex challenges and in creating design solutions that intervene at the level of culture.

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