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Mountain View | United States

Hello, I am the cofounder of practicalservicedesign.com and the Service Design Slack community! I write, speak, & present on service design. Currently I work at Intuit as Principal Service Designer.

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Precision beats power; timing beats speed.

I have spent many years as a web designer and UX designer, and made a transition into service design once the scope of product or web UX was too confining for how I wanted to see things. Now, I am trying to share that view with other organizations who feel the same way and want to broaden what they consider 'designing for experience' to mean. My education is in Psychology, focusing on applied counseling, neuropsychology, as well as childhood development and family counseling.

Erik’s interest in Service Design

I am very interested in practical methods that people can apply to their day to day lives working as in-house service designers, especially in technology and digitally driven companies. I have a vested interest in how service design can be co-opted by the realm of technology and product design, a realm that typically is the homeland of UX and interaction design. I believe service design is the next wave of human-centered business when it comes to the digital/app/saas/mobile space. Education and community is important to me, and I am trying to further those goals in the tech industry through speaking and our online community at http://www.practicalservicedesign.com

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