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Eric Johnson
Evanston | United States

Seasoned digital product and service design director with Consulting, Agency, and In-house design experience.

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I used to drive Chicago Transit Authority buses CTA buses while I was a student in College. It helped me to be very observant about what was happening around me and also how to keep my cool in crazy situations. For fun I enjoy making wine in my garage every October, cooking, sport touring on my motorcycle, kayaking and chasing my two boys around.

Eric Johnson
Digital Products and Services Design Director

Eric’s interest in Service Design

I started my career as a information designer before CD-ROMS and the internet. My design skills are mostly self taught through frying pan school of learn on the fly, and refine as you go. I have had a really interesting career in Chicago and have been very fortunate for the interesting projects that I have the good fortune of being a part of. Service design provides an amazing framework to assist in communicating the design process with teammates and clients. As a self taught service designer I love how there are always new techniques to try.

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