About Emma Fromberg

Emma Fromberg
Cowes, Isle of Wight | United Kingdom

SDGC18 Speaker

Emma's Talk at SDGC18: Three Elements in Motion

Emma Fromberg is a design engineer by background. She is interested in exploring how design can support the transition to an economy which is regenerative, accessible and abundant. At the Ellen MacArthur Foundation she leads informal learning, in which the annual Disruptive Innovation Festival plays a significant role. Besides that, she works within the Circular Design Team on smart material choices and material health. Before joining the Foundation, Emma was Founder and Designer of her design-driven start-up: The CirQlight– a product service system that delivers bicycle lighting through a performance model.

Emma Fromberg
Smart Material Choices & Informal Education at Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Emma’s interest in Service Design

Are there different or better ways to meet user needs by applying circular strategies? In my workshop, you will redesign an everyday product by reflecting on the functional and emotional needs that it serves. You will use the circular strategy card to brainstorm new solutions that are better for both people and the planet.

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